A Family Legacy, Preserved for Generations

Why Families Choose French Broad Crossing
It’s more than a home. It’s a legacy.

Sprawling mountain views. An abundance of amenities. A tranquil location that provides refuge from the stressors of everyday life. There’s a myriad of reasons that residents choose French Broad Crossing as their mountain escape. But mostly, they know it’s a chance to start their legacy.

Imagine the joy of your great grandchildren playing along the banks of the same river your family sits on today. Catching their first fish and sharing stories about past summers spent with you in mountains. It’s a life that the Greshko family envisioned and wanted to preserve for their children and their children’s children. Because in addition to the beautiful views and premier amenities, they knew that a home at French Broad Crossing was the beginning of something special.

A Legacy Built for Family

French Broad Crossing is a place where families grow and traditions begin. Whether your little ones are just learning to walk or ride a bike or drive a car, they can experience the magic of the mountains and make memories that they’ll treasure forever. Just like the Greshko children.

“When we first bought our homesite,” shares French Broad Crossing resident, Dana Greshko, “the kids were younger, in their early teens. They have been able to grow up here over the years.”

And as they grew, they were able to appreciate the adventures of mountain living in their own backyard. “Our son loves the river rafting and four-wheeling,” says Dana. “Our daughter likes to bring friends and go hiking, or into town.”

A Heritage of Preservation
Our residents value their time in nature, and the mountains are their sacred place to retreat and reconnect. Which is why French Broad Crossing preserves acres of land to protect the integrity of the property and prevent urban sprawl.

Because of these conservation efforts, homeowners can rest easy knowing that their properties, homes, and mountain views will remain intact and unchanged until the end of time. Which is exactly why the Greshko family was drawn to French Broad Crossing.

“One thing that attracted us to French Broad Crossing is the fact that much of the land has been placed in a conservation easement,” shares Dana. “What that means is that this community and the natural beauty that surrounds it, will be protected. It’s not going anywhere and it’s not going to be developed.”

An Heirloom with a Mountain View
A home at French Broad Crossing is a gathering place for families to enjoy for years to come. And with a dedication to conservation and protection of the land, the sweeping views and magical essence of the French Broad River are preserved to be passed down and cherished for generations.

“Our children’s children will be able to enjoy these same outdoor wonders as we are today,” says Dana. “That’s pretty special.”

No matter what stage of life you’re in, it’s comforting to know there’s a place that you and your family can always call home. An everlasting haven to host reunions and holidays. A preserved refuge in the mountains that will stand the test of time.

Start your legacy today.
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A New Legacy Can Begin Today

Come discover one of the best mountain communities in North Carolina near Asheville, offering homeowners access to an unprecedented living experience on the French Broad River. Look out across the river to gorgeous mountain views. Spend an afternoon with friends and family at our inviting River Lodge. This is where you belong. Your new legacy can begin now.