A Western North Carolina Retreat on the French Broad River

Do you hear that?” asks Jamie Khan. “That’s the sound of the French Broad River. There’s no other place like this—offering both mountain views and direct access to the river.”

Jamie and his wife, Beth, just bought a homesite at French Broad Crossing, a Southern Living Inspired Community in Western North Carolina, just a short drive from Asheville. It’s the perfect vacation home for the Khans, who have two young children and live a few hours away in South Carolina. “We live on the coast, so we were looking for a place that could provide a change of scenery, as well as offer outdoor recreation for the kids,” says Jamie. “Beth and I decided a mountain home that could take us away from the heat and humidity would make a perfect vacation home for our family. We worked with Private Mountain Communities in Asheville to zero in on a community that met our needs. Ultimately, we decided on French Broad Crossing because of the river. We saw lots of places that had the elevation and great views, but none that offered the river component as well. When you stand on the property and see the French Broad River for the first time, it makes an impression. We knew this was the place for us.”

Fun for the whole family

Like so many other families in America today, the Khans were looking for a mountain community that would help them connect with nature, providing a wholesome and healthy living experience in which they could introduce their kids to nature’s rich beauty. “Beth and I love living in Charleston,” says Jamie. “It has history, charm, great beaches, and it’s a wonderful community to raise our girls. But we also wanted a place to escape to—somewhere with mountains and forests. A place that enabled us to unplug and celebrate nature as a family. French Broad Crossing is the perfect place for that.” French Broad Crossing offers itself as a natural playground, with unlimited opportunities for recreation, whether it’s hiking through the Blue Ridge Mountains that beckon on all sides, or taking advantage of a variety of river activities, such as fishing, rafting, tubing, canoeing, swimming, or wading. “If you look at all the families who’ve bought here,” says Senior Sales Executive, Debbie Fletcher, “whether it’s young families like the Khans, or empty nesters looking to retire in the mountains, they all share one thing in common: a love of nature and the outdoors. Regardless of age, they all connect with the river and the possibilities it offers.”

Like living in a national park

With its picturesque setting—in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, stretching out along the third oldest river in the world—French Broad Crossing gives one the feeling of living in a national park. There’s beauty to behold at every turn, as far as the eye can see. And best of all, this is preserved land, held in conservation by the Southeast Regional Land Conservancy. That means it will be here, undisturbed, for generations to come. Like the ancient river, there’s a timeless quality to French Broad Crossing. To live here is to enjoy life as it ought to be, as it once was before the stress and bustle of modern life. Today, more and more people are craving a natural living experience that focuses on what’s truly important in life: family, friends, and nature. “We’ve seen a definite shift in buyer behavior in the past few years,” says Jack Fisher, Owner and Founder of French Broad Crossing. “Families are looking for a more authentic connection with nature, a place they know will be around for generation after generation.”

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A New Legacy Can Begin Today

Come discover one of the best mountain communities in North Carolina near Asheville, offering homeowners access to an unprecedented living experience on the French Broad River. Look out across the river to gorgeous mountain views. Spend an afternoon with friends and family at our inviting River Lodge. This is where you belong. Your new legacy can begin now.