A Bellwether Community

When I talk with friends in the area and read the local media, I realize that change is in the air.

Perhaps it’s the winding down of the long recession or just pent-up demand, but whatever it is, the tide has definitely turned. We see more visitors on site every day, and I can verify that the pace of sales and new homes under construction has picked up over the past several months. It’s a welcome confirmation that we offer property buyers something unique. 

I’m sure our selection as a 2015 Southern Living Inspired Community (one of only six in the nation) has played a role, of course. But other developers tell me that a number of large projects that went into hibernation several years ago are waking up, too, with new infrastructure going in everywhere. When a developer puts in roads and utilities, it’s a clear indicator that the project is real and not just a dream.

I’ve seen French Broad Crossing through nearly a decade of both good years and lean years. Thankfully, our long-term perspective, perseverance, and careful financial stewardship – I’m a CPA and tax consultant by trade — have enabled the community to weather the recent economic storm. In fact, we’ve emerged as one of the few communities in North Carolina with the original owner and developer still in place. We’ve become a bellwether community, leading the way to environmentally responsible development that’s sustainable for coming generations.

If you’ve been waiting for a signal that the luxury property market has turned the corner, I believe the recent flurry of sales and new construction is your sign. Based on the current sales pace, it’s possible that by the time our showcase Southern Living Inspired Home opens next fall, we could be nearly sold out. Whether or not French Broad Crossing is ultimately the place for you, this is the time to schedule a visit, walk the lots, and decide for yourself.

To learn more about the living experience at French Broad Crossing, please contact our sales office at sales@preservecommunities.com or call us at 866-947-9629.


A New Legacy Can Begin Today

Come discover one of the best mountain communities in North Carolina near Asheville, offering homeowners access to an unprecedented living experience on the French Broad River. Look out across the river to gorgeous mountain views. Spend an afternoon with friends and family at our inviting River Lodge. This is where you belong. Your new legacy can begin now.