Community Garden Promotes Sustainable Lifestyle

“The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all, our most pleasing responsibility.”

— Wendell Berry

The first thing you notice here is the river. The mighty French Broad, one of the oldest fresh-water rivers in the world, winds and weaves through the land like an ever-present sentry, keeping benign watch over the hills, valleys, and forests to ensure their preservation for ages to come. In fact, preservation and conservation are at the heart of French Broad Crossing – a picturesque riverfront community just 30 minutes from Asheville. The families fortunate enough to call this sanctuary home represent a wide cross-section of ages and interests, from all across the nation. There is one characteristic that knits them altogether: the desire to live in a community that will preserve and nurture the land for future generations.

Sowing a natural connection to the land

In May 2016, French Broad Crossing celebrated the opening of its first community garden. And not just any garden, mind you. Located near the property’s inviting front gate, this meticulously conceived garden is wholly organic and fully maintained by the community. “This garden is something that exemplifies what French Broad Crossing is all about,” says Sales Director, Debbie Fletcher. “It gives our homeowners one more way to connect socially while at the same time nurturing and enjoying a more sustainable lifestyle on this beautifully preserved land.”

The garden will be fully operated and managed by a committee of homeowners dedicated to sharing their time to help water, weed, plant, prune, pick, and maintain it all year long. “It was designed to be a year-round, four-season garden,” says the gardens designer, Brad Fountain, of Dream Escapes Landscape & Design in Marshall, NC. “During the summer, there will be a variety of tomatoes, peppers, squash, and melons. During the fall, there will be kale, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, beets, collards, and other cold-weather friendly vegetables. We will also add several apple trees and berry varieties for next year, so there should be something for everyone.” 

All natural, all organic, all the time

Everything about the garden was created to be sustainable and earth-friendly. Only organic materials will be allowed. There will be no chemicals or carbon footprint. Carefully managed compost and natural fertilizers will be used, as well as pollinator flowers, such as marigolds, which serve as a natural bug and pest deterrent. All the various crops will also be rotated regularly to prevent disease and safeguard the soil. “The beauty of the garden is that it is representative of the French Broad Community at large,” Fletcher says. “This community is blessed with a dream location on the French Broad River, surrounded by acres of protected forests and mountains held in conservation for centuries to come. The homeowners here value that natural connection to the land and are committed to preserving it for their children. The garden is an extension of that philosophy, seeking to preserve, protect and maintain the bounty we have been blessed with.” 

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