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Mother Nature Spent Millions of Years Sculpting This Land

In a world of “sameness,” we stand apart. To see this property, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and hear the mighty roar of the river below, is an experience unlike any other. This is not your typical Western North Carolina mountain community. Instead of a golf course, we have vast acres of unspoiled wilderness. Instead of a dress code, we offer the casual comfort of a tight-knit community. Instead of a spa, we offer rustic family adventures along the banks of the French Broad—the third oldest river in the world. If you’ve been longing for a truly authentic mountain living experience, there’s one choice as clear as these wild fresh waters: French Broad Crossing.

A New Adventure at Every Turn

The French Broad River has provided the perfect playground for families and friends—or anyone looking to partake of a lifestyle designed by Mother Nature and enhanced by French Broad Crossing. Here, every day is an adventure. Every sunrise is a cause for exploration. Every sunset, a time for celebration. With expansive lots and plenty of room to breathe, the property is comprised of hundreds of acres protected from future development by the Southeast Regional Land Conservancy—with national forests extending far beyond that. Let the adventure begin.

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An Elevated Experience, Preserved Just for You

Few places on Earth deliver both the natural and man-made amenities that French Broad Crossing provides families. This is a treasure trove of outdoor activities onsite for both young and old: fishing, rafting, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, four-wheeling, and more. Within our gates lies a multi-faceted lifestyle that is deeply gratifying. In a welcomed departure from most mountain communities, French Broad Crossing constructed the community’s amenities before the first residents arrived—to be enjoyed immediately.

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